Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Renault Classic will be out in force for the 16th Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique with a field of no fewer than five Alpine-Renault A110 Berlinettes.

The team’s start-studded crew line-up features:

N°1: Jean-Vinatier / Jean-François Jacob (A110 1300)
N°15: Carlos Tavares / Jean Pascal Dauce (A110 1300)
N°18: Jean-Claude Andruet / ‘Biche’ (A110 1600S)
N°21: Alain Serpaggi / Jean-Pierre Prévost (A110 1300)
N°36: Jean Ragnotti / Francis Mercier (A110 1800 groupe 4)

Team Renault Classic’s five crews will start from Reims, France, on Sunday 27th January. The route visits French towns Valence and Gap en route to the finish in Monaco on 1st February.

Renault’s participation in this event for the third year running is a fitting opportunity to celebrate the brand’s numerous wins and successes in 1973, including:

Victory for Andruet/Biche on the Rallye Monte-Carlo.
A one-two-three finish for Alpine-Renault on the Rallye Monte-Carlo.
The World Rally Championship Manufacturers’ title for Alpine-Renault.
The participation of these five Berlinettes also coincides with Renault’s recent, long-awaited announcement of the Alpine brand’s revival last November.

Source: Renault

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