Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Veloce launches Mike Brewer's Wheeler Dealer Know How! as an eBook at just £2.99* for just one week!

The brand new series of Wheeler Dealer launches on the Discovery channel on the evening of September 17th next week. To celebrate the event, Veloce is launching the ebook version of MIKE BREWER'S WHEELER DEALER KNOW HOW! on September 17th at the special price of just £2.99 UK, €3.99 Europe and $4.99 USA & Canada for one week only! When the offer ends the ebook's normal price will be £10.99 UK, €12.99 Europe and $14.99 USA.*

The new eBook is already available to pre-order for iBooks, Kobo and Google Play and will be released officially on the 17th by all major eBook vendors including Kindle and Nook.

(* The ebook will also be available at equivalent prices in other world currencies.)

Millions follow Mike and Edd's collectable car adventures on Discovery Channel's Wheeler Dealer series, now in its tenth year and shown all around the world. Here's the eBook to accompany the series.

The Wheeler Dealer Know How! is written by Mike Brewer, cheeky chappie and TV's best-known car dealing expert. In a career spanning almost 30 years, Mike has seen and done everything when it comes to buying and selling cars, and having established a successful career as a television presenter, is eager to share his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for cars.

Telling you all you need to know about buying, preparing and selling modern classic cars, this book guides you through the minefield that is the world of car dealing, and helps you avoid the pitfalls that await the unwary. Plus, with stories and anecdotes from Mike’s time in the trade, you'll gain a fascinating insight into the world of wheeler-dealing.

Packed full of information and tips, The Wheeler Dealer Know How! will give you the confidence to buy the car of your dreams and avoid ending up with a lemon. You’ll find out how to prepare a car to expert standards – from cleaning, to repairs and improvements – and when the time comes to sell, Mike tells you how to get the best price and avoid being ripped-off.

Check out Wheeler Dealers new series promo video!

As featured in the first episode of the new series, the little baby Lambo!

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