Friday, 25 October 2013


Wheeler Dealer presenters Mike Brewer and Edd China will drive the restored Darracq 1903 in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run on Sunday, 3 November.

To celebrate reaching the 100th car milestone on hit Discovery Channel show Wheeler Dealers, presenters Mike Brewer and Edd China will restore and drive their dream veteran car, the Darracq 1903, in the Royal Automobile Club London to Brighton Veteran Car Run on Sunday, 3 November.

To mark this incredible milestone Mike and Edd return to their favourite childhood film; 1953 BAFTA winning Genevieve, a charming tale of rivals who race to Brighton and back for a bet. The real star of the film is Genevieve, a Darracq 1904, and for their 100th build Mike and Edd will restore their very own Genevieve to run the 60-mile distance in the Veteran Car Run (VCR).

Mike said: “I’m so proud that we’ve reached this milestone. The Darracq is the perfect motor for us to celebrate the 100th Wheeler Dealers car – a car that’s over 100 years old itself. One thing is for sure – Edd’s going to have his work cut out on this one to make sure we cross that finish line!” Edd added: “I’ve wanted to work on a veteran car for years – the Darracq is an incredible machine so I can’t wait to get under the bonnet! It’s going to be a steep learning curve but I’m determined to get us to Brighton in style.”

Haynes International Motor Museum has lent Wheeler Dealers its rare 1903 Darracq for this special episode. The car is one of the most sought after veterans, an instantly recognisable forerunner of today’s motorcar, because of its connection with Genevieve. Built by a French manufacturer the car is well known for its innovative design and engineering.

Throughout the show Mike and Edd will draw parallels between this four-seater, front-engine veteran and the typical car in the driveway of a Wheeler Dealers viewer as they restore numerous parts to make the car road safe in time for the run, the world’s longest running and greatest motoring celebration.

In Wheeler Dealers, now in production for an 11th series, Mike and Edd hunt for rundown classic cars and transform them into sleek, gleaming beauties ready to sell on for a healthy profit. The 100th car special featuring the Veteran Car Run will air next year.

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