Friday, 31 January 2014


Thanks to Catherine Flatt for sending us pictures of her awesome 1963 Corvette Sting Ray, which she purchased just before Christmas. The car has a detachable roof, is fully race-prepared and has FIA papers. It is eligible for the Spa 6 Hours, and Catherine hopes to enter the car in Le Mans Classic 2016.

The car being readied for racing.

"At the first Le Mans Classic I was one of only 6 women out of 1,200 drivers and was on the Motor Sports Association Judicial Panel for five years. I was 50 in July last year.

I have now handed my racing boots to my stepson, Pete Flatt, and son, Tom (his 21st birthday present this summer was his ARDS test, but he has yet to take it because he had a serious shoulder surgery just before his birthday).

I have had the roll cage removed (it is very easy to put back on) and the original driving seat put back in. The suspension has been eased off for road use (again, easy to put back for racing) and have sent all the badges away for refurbishment. Everything on it is as original as possible (for the FIA papers, or whatever they are called now), but I have upset the Corvette Club of GB because it has been stripped out etc. However, it does still have the original 8-track cartridge radio/sound system!"

My son, Tom Green, looking like Steve McQueen.

"The Aston was my husband's car and we part-exed it for a 1998 Aston V8 Coupe but the Corvette is very much mine, and I swapped a 512 TR Ferrari for it. I used to have a Dino, but traded that for the 512 TR (obviously, a bit of money coming my way in each transaction) but thought that the Corvette would be much less "precious" than the TR and more fun for all the family. I think it is the only right-hand drive one in the world. It was previously owned by Silvio Berlusconi's right-hand man, Alberto Di Luca."

Me at Silverstone next to the 1953 Aston DB2/4 that I have raced at the Le Mans Classic three times (we sold it earlier this year).

My beautiful 1958 Maserati motorbike (yes, they really did make them for a few years!).
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