Thursday, 13 March 2014


Looking to buy one of these iconic scooters? Then this app is for you! It will help ensure that you avoid the main pitfalls and end up with your very own slice of La Dolce Vita on the driveway.

The app includes expert advice, with images and videos, on all aspects of buying a Vespa. Included is a unique Evaluation Calculator so you can assess the true quality of a potential purchase, and make sure you don’t forget to check any of the important areas. You can store key information and notes, plus images of the Scooters you view for easy reference later. The app also includes a handy tool to search for Vespas which are for sale on various popular websites.


Available from: Apple App Store, for iPhone / Google Play Store, for Android phones and tablets / Microsoft Store for Windows phone. / Amazon Apps for Kindle Fire, and Android devices.