Thursday, 5 June 2014


The Hapless Biker is back! Check out this exclusive video interview with Kevin Turner, talking about his forthcoming book From Crystal Palace to Red Square – A Hapless Biker's Road to Russia (published later this month).

Kevin Turner is a freelance motorcycle journalist, and the author of the critically acclaimed Bonjour! Is this Italy – A Hapless Biker's Guide to Europe. Following the success of his first book, Turner decided to embark on another trip, this time heading into Northen Europe and Scandinavia. In typcially hapless fashion, planning and preparation were kept to a minimum, ensuring a journey of discovery, excitement, and occasional peril, in the grand tradition of foolhardy adventure. The resulting story blends Turner's eloquent and often hilarious writing with some truly inspirational locations, resulting in a unique adventure for bikers and non-bikers alike.

Coming soon!
From Crystal Palace to Red Square - A Hapless Biker's Road to Russia
By Kevin Turner.

Critically acclaimed author Kevin Turner (Bonjour! Is This Italy? A Hapless Biker's Guide to Europe) heads off on another ill-thought out adventure, aiming his heavily laden Kawasaki north towards the towering waterfalls of Norway, before heading east on a long and treacherous journey to Moscow. This fascinating adventure - part sprint, part marathon - charts the perils, pitfalls and thrills of a 6000 mile solo motorcycle journey across Europe, Scandinavia and into Asia. The author's observations and anecdotes transform this motorcycle guidebook into a laugh-a-minute page turner, which inspires and entertains in equal measure. More info.