Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Visitors to the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed (Chichester, 25-28 July) will see a more powerful re-incarnation of the almost as famous Cummins Mini, previously seen in 2010. Originally fitted with the QSK78 3,500hp engine, the car (an original Austin version) has a new power source: the 4,400hp QSK95.

“The 3,500hp Mini display certainly proved to be a draw for visitors and customers previously. It was clear they had seen nothing like it before, with their pictures and comments reaching around the world via the internet. So, for 2015 we decided to do something even more impressive with our 4,400hp engine,” said Steve Nendick, Cummins Communications Director.

The QSK95 is a V16 engine with a capacity of 95 litres and develops 4,400hp and over 16,000Nm of torque. It is designed to power locomotives, mine trucks, power generation units and marine vessels. It meets the ultra-low U.S. Tier 4 Final emissions regulations with the use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment as used by many of today’s trucks and buses.

“It uses some of the same leading technology as a commercial vehicle engine, such as common rail fuel systems and SCR, but on a much larger scale. The QSK95 provides the torque of 16 delivery trucks, city buses or excavators. Each of the 16 cylinders has the cubic capacity of 5.9 litres, the same as the original Cummins B Series engine, and the equivalent to six of the original Mini one litre engines. However, the Mini doesn’t need to carry over 400 tonnes payload in a mine or pull 12 passenger carriages in a locomotive,” added Nendick.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t actually run. It would need a transmission, fuel tank, cooling system, and exhaust system that would each be bigger than the original Mini. As a complete power pack with all these systems installed it would be about the same size as the Cummins 40 foot exhibition trailer,” concluded Nendick.

To mark the appearance of the 4,400hp original Mini (on stand 20/21), Cummins will run a photo competition at Goodwood. The target is to reach 4,400 photos that are tweeted using #cumminsmini. The top 10 most original pictures will be announced on Twitter by @cumminseurope and receive a QSK95 related prize.

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