Friday, 10 July 2015


This post is dedicated to Vespisti around the world who have made the Vespa what it is today – immortal. How do you Vespa?

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Vespas have split opinions ever since they first appeared on the scene. The members of one camp bemoan “those horrible things,” while those in the other camp develop a twinkle in their eyes. For some, it’s just another motor scooter, for others, a revelation, and, for a few, an entire religion. Born in the turmoil of the immediate postwar years, the Vespa grew up in the Swingin’ Fifties, came of age in the Golden Sixties, and remains immortal in the third millennium.

Eighteen million Vespas have buzzed their way into the world since 1946. Stood end to end, they would form a line measuring 32,000 kilometres – 20,000 miles – in length. This is an almost inconceivable statistic, as with many things that transcend conventional measures and at some point achieve cult status.
How did the little machine come so far? The answer is simple. The Vespa has always remained the Vespa, true to itself, and has what others lack: real character!

This book tells the Vespa’s story via over 470 photos, corrects many misconceptions and lets the reader become immersed in the culture of Vespa and la bella vita.

Vespa – The Story of a Cult Classic in Pictures by Günther Uhlig is available now! Order your copy here.

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