Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Our new press release archive

While most of our readers will be familiar with our website and online store, there are some aspects of our site that many may be unaware of, unless a trade customer, dropshipper, or media worker. Once such area is press releases, which have just received a major overhaul.

Press releases are the publicity life blood for most publishers, and we have kept and maintained an archive covering seven years of Veloce and Hubble & Hattie press releases, stretching back to 2013. Our press releases have been popular with trade and media partners, but are not so well known to our customers, newer partners and dropshippers. 

Timed to coincide with a book's release, or with a newsworthy story, releases are invaluable in letting the world know about our latest books and news. To give easy access to our releases, old and new, and for trade partners and customers alike, we have corralled two years of releases together, in one place, on our website.

Covering 2020 to-date, and the whole of 2019, each press release includes assets such as images and text files – perfect for trade partners publicising our books, and super fans wanting to know more. Now anyone can access the information that press and media bodies see, direct from our website.

You can find our press release pages under More at veloce.co.uk, or you can view via our dedicated subdomain at https//media.veloce.co.uk.

All the releases are arranged by date, with year and month index pages, and each includes the following downloadable assets:

  • A high resolution cover image in JPG format
  • A plain-text file containing the full press release text
  • A ZIP press pack, comprising of a number of press pics, plus the cover and text files mentioned above

In addition, a link to each book’s product page is included, pointing to Veloce or Hubble & Hattie websites, where relevant.

We will be adding new press releases to the site as they appear, and we hope to add releases from our extensive archive, as we are able: we still receive requests for information on many books in our back catalogue, even for those that have been out of print for some time.

We hope these pages will be especially useful to our trade and media partners – don’t forget that you can use any information from our website product pages, as well as our from press release pages, so long as it is specifically to help publicise, market, or review our books. 

As mentioned above, we have made available 2019 and 2020 press releases online, to start with. We aim to add pre-2019 titles as we are able (sometimes, there's just not enough hours in the day), but, in the meantime, if you would like press releases or assets for one of our pre-2019 titles, please do email us, and we will see if we have something for you.

Also, before a book is in print, we are often required to make a wide range assets for internal, social, and marketing purposes, many of which can be made available upon request, and can include product mockups, spreads, and themed graphics. 

Of course, not all books have such assets, but we may have something for a particular book that suits your needs. So, if you’re advertising, marketing, or reviewing one of our books, head over to our press release pages, and product pages, to see what’s available; you’re welcome to contact us if you have a specific query about a book, or what assets are available.

Click here to visit our new press release archive.

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