Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Book of the Month in TopGear Magazine!

Motor Movies – The Posters!
BOOK OF THE MONTH - Top Gear magazine Nov '07 ... AND No.6 Channel4's 4Car Top 10: car books for Christmas 2007

By Paul Veysey


• The first book ever devoted to movie posters featuring cars
• Posters from worldwide cinema
• Star rating system for rarity of poster
• NO tedious and opinionated plot dissection!
• Many posters not even enthusiasts will have seen
• Simple explanation of poster terminology
• All illustrations are of originals, not reproduction posters
• Star rating serves as investment guide
• Wonderfully nostalgic – a real feel-good book
• Movie posters bring colour, beauty, memories, and serious investment potential - this is THE guide
• Never before has the car in cinema been so vividly brought to life

From the late 19th century the progress of the movies has paralleled that of the motor car. Now, for the first time, these developments are chronicled through the medium of the movie poster. This book celebrates the progression from the simple and crude, through the functional, the ambitious, and the barking mad, right up to today’s high-tech, computer-generated, often soulless examples of both cinema and automobile. By charting the poster art of the movies chronologically, the book takes you on a journey through the 20th Century in black and white, sepia, hand-colouring, stone-litho, and glorious technicolour, and shows the obsessively accurate, the artist’s impression, the photographic and the wildly imaginative depictions of the automobile. With 250 pictures of rare originals, and a star rating system for rarity, this is a beautiful book to browse, as well as valuable investment guide.

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