Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Elvis Payne's Reliant goes up in Flames

Over the weekend a piece of Veloce Publishing history sadly passed away. The Reliant that formed the basis of How to Restore Reliant Regal is now reduced to ashes. However, all is perhaps not lost as there is hope the legacy can in fact, live on...

"I was on my way to a Reliant Rally and had covered about 50 miles when I pulled over as I was following my brother in his Reliant and he broke down. When I then restarted my car, there was a strange pop and the car burst into flames. We battled to save it but the fire spread within minutes.

The fire brigade got there really quick but my car burnt faster. Sadly it has been totally destroyed.

It was insured as a classic car and because of its A1 condition I have a valuation certificate from the insurance stating they value it at £3,000. So I shall have to wait and see what happens.

As strange as it seems I have been getting emails galore from Reliant owners who feel some connection to the car whether it be though the book, via my web site or by owning a model. It is almost as though a person has died.

Everyone is saying that due to the book, web site and its appearances in magazines it is too important to lose. (Last year one great article was in Practical Classics when the car was test driven by Chris Barrie (aka Rimmer from Red Dwarf). The chassis looks good and I will be asking the insurance if I can buy it back. I shall test it and if OK (and if the DVLA are happy), then I will restore the car again from the ashes. I have already had offers of three bodies and numerous parts.

Despite the shock of this, next month my brother and I are off to the North Cape, we will be driving 4,000 miles through France, Sweden and Norway ... in a Reliant Robin! :o)"

Elvis Payne

How to Restore Reliant Regal
By Elvis Payne

• Restoration Guide for the Reliant Regal 3/25 & 3/30.
• What to look for when buying a Regal and how to test.
• Detailed look at each model and their differences.
• Complete restoration from the ground up.
• Unique photos of every stage of restoration.
• How to repair a gelcoat on fiberglass bodies.
• Step by Step instructions for each task
• Written with hands on experience and details problems.
• Alternative spare parts list detailing necessary parts from other marquees.
• The mechanics section can be used by Bond Bug owners.

The book offers a guide in how to find a suitable Reliant Regal 3/25 or 3/30 for restoration. It then proceeds with a fully illustrated step-by-step guide on how to dismantle a Reliant Regal, and then fully restore the body, chassis, electrics and engine back into showroom condition.

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