Friday, 1 August 2008

Automotive Art

These images are taken from A must-see blog called Car-A-Day which features automotive art by Rob Ijbema. Updated daily with contemporary artwork from the 2008 racing season and also imagery from the past.
Although there is some very impressive automotive artwork scattered on the web, very few books have been actually been published on this subject. Currently available from Veloce is the book How to Draw & Paint Cars By Tony Gardiner.

This book is not about learning how to draw and paint fashionable cars, super cars, tarted-up street or cool cars, but is about drawing and painting all types and ages of cars. The author has endeavoured to distill his experience from many years of creating images on this subject into a book that will help and encourage those keen to draw and paint cars for pleasure or as a career.
With c.135 illustrations and its step-by-step technique, this is a must-have for any budding automotive artist.

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