Friday, 1 August 2008

Safety Camera Detector Warning !

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) is this month warning motorists to dismantle or remove their safety camera detectors when driving abroad to avoid serious penalties.

A recent survey showed that only two countries in Europe - the UK and Hungary - permit the use of both camera detectors and POI (points of interest) sat nav systems.

Camera detection equipment actively detects radar or laser signals from a safety camera or speed gun and alerts the driver to its presence. The IAM Trust has always supported the banning of such equipment because its main use is to allow drivers to speed without fear of detection.

Neil Greig, Director of the IAM Motoring Trust said: "There have been incidents when camera detectors have been literally ripped out by local police. The best thing to do is check if detectors are permitted in the country you plan to visit or simply don't take one with you."

In Germany, for example a fine of €75 is levied if the sat nav POI function is not switched off. In Switzerland and Ireland your sat nav could be confiscated.