Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Bentley Continental - Corniche & Azure 51-98
By Martin Bennett.

The definitive history of the most sought-after, powerful and elegant Bentleys.

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Microcars at large!
By Adam Quellin.
Charts the history and development of the small economy cars which emerged after the Second World War. Finances and raw materials were in short supply and these microcars, or 'bubble cars' as they became affectionately known, provided transport for thousands of impoverished motorists during that lean period in the middle of the twentieth century. These tint economy cars now have a significant place in motoring history. This book follows the microcar’s progress right up to the present day, with original color photographs. Click here for more info.

The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars.
By Mike Dan.
An A to Z color reference book on classic motor scooters and microcars primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s. A hugely entrtaining "I was there" account of of the classic scooter and microcar era, this book is highly illustrated and also contains an essential A-Z reference to these fascinating machines.
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