Tuesday, 14 April 2009



The Pocket Guide to Britains Farm Model Balers & Combines 1967-2007 is a new book by David Pullen – a man with a life-long passion for farming and a life-long passion for collecting models. Farm model collecting is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages and Britains are a leading manufacturer with a long and distinctive history of producing these models. This brightly illustrated book is the first comprehensive guide for those interested in collecting these miniatures.
Published by Veloce at £16.99 in hardback and containing almost 500 colour photographs including six on each model from different angles, Pocket Guide to Britains Farm Model Balers & Combines 1967-2007 describes all the baler and combine models produced by Britains since they were first added to its farm model range 40 years ago, and also provides details of their development in 176 carefully laid out pages.
As well as standard models, this includes details and photographs of prototype and rare models. The history is complemented by a catalogue describing the main features, differences, issue dates and codes of each model produced. Each is illustrated with six colour photographs showing the model from different angles and also showing the issue packaging.

Full of infectious enthusiasm for his subject, David Pullen describes how he has collected many of these models over the years and researched their development. The book includes a long section describing how the range developed, plus details of prototypes and some of the manufacturing background. Also, to allow the reader to identify different model variations, catalogues are included in which individual models are examined – giving for each colour photographs, their main features and issue packaging.
The Pocket Guide to Britains Farm Model Balers & Combines 1967-2007 is available now from bookshops or from www.veloce.co.uk.
As ToyCollector.com said: "... the book has it all, each item is photographed from different angles, it gives you information about the actual baler or combine and then lots of specifications. It is a very comprehensive work covering this subject that just seems to have exploded after the turn of the century."
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