Thursday, 9 April 2009


Today (9th April) at 7:29am – a time which matches the technology-packed newcomer's Nürburgring lap time – the very first British buyers will take delivery of their GT-Rs from Nissan’s network of 11 High Performance Centres. Subsequent deliveries are planned for soon after although such is the demand for this halo model that those ordering one now can expect to wait at least a year.

Few vehicles have picked up so many accolades ahead of their on sale date as Nissan's GT-R and sports car enthusiasts are about to discover what makes this mighty performance flagship a multiple award winner.

The Nissan GT-R has picked up 12 accolades in the last 12 months including Auto Express Performance Car of the Year 2008, What Car? Performance Car of the Year 2009 and MSN Car of the Year 2009.

Since the order books opened on 2nd April 2008, Nissan has taken 1,250 deposits from buyers and for those who joined the GT-R queue at the beginning, the wait is almost over.


Veloce is proud to announce two forthcoming Nissan GT-R books! Both are due to be published around September time.

Nissan GT-R Supercar: Born to race
By Dennis Gorodji.
Contains rare pictures, schematics and graphs detailing the many unique qualities of the Nissan GT-R, a car that revolutionised modern sports car dynamics. Analysis of the motorsport history of the GT-R provides an original view of development of the models, and comparison of them with other sports and racing cars. Features an original and critical analysis of the new GT-R R35, and the R35 Spec V, which will be launched at the start of 2009, is also represented in the book. With over 400 colour photographs, this is essential reading for sports car fans.
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The Nissan GT-R High-performance Manual – An international guide to High-performance components
By Alex Gorodji.
There is not a car in the world that is equal to the Nissan GT-R in its popularity and unique handling characteristics. However, the Nissan GT-R was and still is a half-ready product. Therefore, modification of this car is crucial for realisation of its enormous potential.
This book explains the distinctive features of the GT-R and how they determine the car’s dynamics. It contains an original and critical analysis of the GT-R models, and reveals positive and negative features of different systems used in these cars. Modifications of all systems of the GT-R – by top British and Japanese tuners – are also covered.
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