Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Fundraising extraordinaires The Sporting Bears Motor Club will be bringing their popular ‘Dream Rides’ feature to the Classic Motor Show at Birmingham’s NEC (13-15 November) offering the public the chance of a passenger ride in their dream car in exchange for a charitable donation.

Visitors can make an agreed minimum donation to the Sporting Bears and in exchange will be able to experience an 8-10 mile ride in a variety of cars. As in previous years, marques such as rare Lamborghinis, Ferraris, TVRs, Jaguars, and Morgans are expected to be on offer. Classics from yesteryear will mix with modern supercars and those destined to be icons of motoring history to provide a mouth watering choice.

Each day between 60-80 cars are expected on display in the Sporting Bears Dream Rides garage in Hall 2. A 1930 eight litre Bentley will rub shoulders with a stunning Jaguar XJ220 whilst a ferocious Lola T70 will try to outdo a 1934 Lagonda with its exhaust sounds.

Those whose bedroom walls have been adorned with posters of an Italian supercar stand a good chance of finding their Dream Ride ready and waiting as do those who crave the more British feel of a Morgan or Jaguar E-Type. With over around 100 cars expected for the duration of the show, there should be something for everyone with donations starting at a very affordable £10.

And whilst legally the Bears are unable to offer rides for anyone under six-years-old, there is even the opportunity for some lucky people to go for a ride with ‘Just NOD’ in his bright red and yellow car reminiscent of Toy Town and the lovable children’s story book characters. Purchased by Just NOD around a year ago the Acrea Zest, with its 505cc Lambardini engine has a top speed of around 60 mph and has provoked amazing interest from people aged eight to eighty and the road legal car has the appropriate registration JU57 NOD.
For more information, visit www.necclassicmotorshow.com.

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