Thursday, 15 October 2009


Trucks - lorries if you prefer - are the Cinderellas of the automotive publishing world with just a handful of magazines devoted to the subject and a paltry number of books. Veloce intends to put this injustice to rights with its new Truckmakers series, each book putting an individual brand under the spotlight in a highly illustrated format.

Great value for money, these books are packed with pictures, facts and feats, and will build into a superb truck reference library!

Coming soon!
DAF TRUCKS since 1949
By Colin Peck.
This book chronicles the fascinating first 80 years of DAF’s history, from being a small Dutch trailer manufacturer through to its acquisition by US truck giant Paccar, and the development of the company to its present position as the top-selling truck in the UK and a major global brand. Buses, cars and army trucks are also covered, as well as details of how DAF has worked with various other truck makers, such as Leyland, International Harvester, Renault, RABA and GINAF, making the book essential reading for truck enthusiasts everywhere. More info.