Monday, 29 November 2010


Bahamas Speed Week Revival has confirmed an agreement with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to create a revival in the spirit of the original and will be extending invitations to past and present drivers and car owners to take part in this exciting new venture. The Nassau Speed Week will again take place on it’s traditional date from 30th November to 4th December 2011. The 1st Bahamas Speed Week Revival will provide an opportunity for some of the very greatest cars from the period 1954-1966 to tour New Providence Island and drive on the old venue at Oakes Field.

More info: Official website, Historic Motor Racing News

The Bahamas Speed Weeks
By Terry O'Neil

The vision of one man, Captain Sherman ‘Red’ Crise formed the basis for what was to become the Bahamas Speed Weeks, a series of motor races held on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. They started in the mid 1950s and continued for 13 years, before ending due to a mix of political decisions, ill fortune and a shift in the direction motor racing had taken over that period of time. These years were described by many commentators as the ‘Golden Age’ of motor racing, where internationally acclaimed drivers attended the Speed Weeks to mix with the many amateur racers from America who came to enjoy the senario of sun, parties and racing. For many drivers the social scene was as important as the racing, and in latter years prize money was an extra incentive to turn up. This well researched account tracks the history of the Speed Weeks with its roller-coaster ride throughout its 13 years existence. Click here for more info about the book.