Monday, 8 November 2010


Congratulations to Arvid Linde who has won the headlineauto 2010 award for RISING STAR OF THE YEAR (TRADE)!

Arvid Linde is a car engineer from Estonia, with an MSc in Engineering and Logistics. Electric cars and other means of alternative transportation are his favourite subjects. Having successfully completed his Masters project on Electric Car Economy, and following extensive research in the field, he is now editing an independent green motoring blog at

Arvid has been known to take a rather sceptical stance on electric cars, but in this book he shows, even-handedly, both their good and bad sides; ultimately encouraging people to embrace the future of green motoring.

Headlineauto describe Arvid's writing style: "Grabs his readers by the throat, throws them against a wall and pummels them with facts until his point is hammered home."

Electric Cars - The Future is now published in summer 2010 is his first first book title in the English language and is referred to by headlineauto as "The consumer guide to the world of green motoring."

What if we all had to say goodbye to petrol cars tomorrow? Would you be ready? This book will help you find out. With a concise catalogue covering the best production models and the most promising prototypes, this book is the definitive guide to the future of motoring.

Look out for Arvid's next book for Veloce Preston Tucker & Others – Tales of brilliant automotive innovators & innovations.

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