Thursday, 6 December 2012


Justin Allsion, author of Alfa Mail - open letters from a part-time petrolhead had orginally envisaged his book as a 'paper and cardboard one', as he puts it. However, he soon realised going digital and straight to eBook could have its advantages. Justin explains how in this video interview recorded at Veloce House last week. He also tells us that Alfa Mail is not just for the Alfisti out there, along with a terrific reading from the first chapter of the eBook.

"Combines scholarship with unbridled prejudice. Occasionally makes Clarkson seem strangely reasonable." - AH Davis

Alfa Mail is about Alfa Romeos. What made them great – and what will probably make them extinct. It’s also about other cars too – great, good, bad and appalling – plus planes, bikes, places, people, prejudice ... and tractors. Motor vehicles are the greatest practical enablers of the 20th Century (even IT can’t physically take us to Hollywood or hospital), and stir our emotions like few other man-made creations.
Artefacts and their creators make history. Thus, this book is also about great endeavours and sad whimpers. About inspired artists, dedicated engineers, reckless drivers, and intellectually barren marketing people.
Fortunately, for sanity’s sake, this book is also quite happy to take the piss.
And Alfa enthusiasts are used to jokes.

Justin Allison grew up in Dorset, England, among cars, planes, motorbikes and tractors – as well as guns and horses. Leaving a local public school at 16, he spent his Old Boys membership fee on a well-used Triumph Tiger 110, a motorcycle 99% as fast – and 45% as stable – as a Bonneville. His varied background has seen him study architecture, service electric milk floats, work in a scrapyard, and rebuild a 1934 AC Roadster. Joining a famous London advertising agency in 1970, Justin has won several awards, both as a freelance copywriter and as a creative director. His writing covers journalism for publications such as Alfa Romeo Driver; poetry, for which he has been commended by the Thomas Hardy Society, and limited edition art books, such as Relatively Virginal.

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