Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Worldwide Acclaim for Alfa Romeo Montreal - The Essential Companion by Bruce Taylor. Published by Veloce.

'Oh! What a book! The best book I have ever seen on one single model, and one of the best Alfa books ever (and probably one of the best motoring books I ever saw, and the best I ever purchased!). It has everything: nice printing, splendid pictures, complete technical details and advice... PLUS nice girls and English "humour". I will try to get the book reviewed in French specialised papers... but you know that French usually don't speak English, too bad ! But they should learn English at least to read THIS book ! I hope that this book sells very well, Bruce: it will be good for you, and for the Montreal community, as it will help put the Montreal on top of classic cars lists !'
Philippe Delaage

'I've just now received the book from Veloce and I have had a quick look on it. My very very very great congratulations!!!!!!!!!!, the book looks fantastic!!!!!!! It's a wonderful job there!!! And you must be very proud about it. I'm sure that there is not in the world another one car having a such fantastic monographic and exclusive book!!!'
Agusti Vilella

'I've been pouring through my copy of the new 'Monti Bible' and ....well what can I say... FANTASTIC JOB BRUCE. The first thoughts that went through my mind while going through it where what lucky bastards ALL future Monti owners are to have such an authoritative information/experience packed book to refer to. Of the hundreds of hours of experience (all too often painful) that people like myself have endured to DISCOVER what is now so perfectly and clearly put in print. They have been saved so much pain and suffering (and money) by having this book now available to them. How I wish I had one 15 years ago when I first entered the then mysterious world of Montreal ownership. What lucky lucky bastards they all are now.... !!!! Well done Bruce. Well done... !'
Andrew Gaal

'Finally I have received your wonderful book from Amazon.fr ! It is quite a pleasure reading it for hours and hours and helps us loving even more our Monties. Thank you, Bruce!'
João Mello de Sampayo

'Finally I received my copy of your book from Amazon US. This is a fantastic piece of work. I am impressed. We cannot thank you enough.'
Tonny Laursen

'I received my copy of your book from Amazon US and have now read it. This is a fantastic piece of work. All of the collected tips and suggestions for repair and maintenance are available in one place. This will make Montreal ownership a lot easier. Congratulations.'
Ed Geller

'I saw Hannes Paling on the weekend and he showed me your book which is fantastic.'
Graham Colman
(South Africa)

'I just received 2 copies of your excellent book from Veloce (one copy went to my brothers in Paraguay), a true piece of art !!!'
Alberto Grillon

'I've just received the first 2 copies of your book. We like it very much!'
Marco Fazio
(Alfa Romeo, Italy)

'I would like to let you know that I have received your book yesterday and all I can say is wow! It's truly a blessing and pleasure to own this book, it will be very helpful to me, I'm not as mechanically inclined as some of the other Montreal owners are. This book will help a lot. Thank you.'
Joe D'Amico
(New York)

'Today I received my book (ordered with Amazon France) It's a great addition to my collection!!'
Marino Simmons

'I received my book through Amazon.ca to-day….Really impressed… great job…really nice book. A must for anybody who is interested in Alfa Romeos. I just looked quickly at the pictures… can’t wait to have more time to go through it…'
Jimmy Cornet
(Montreal, Canada)

'I received my copy of Bruce's book late last week. It is really impressive.'
John Justus

'I just received your book. Outstanding!!! It's sure to become a "must have" for all Monty owners around the world.'
Val Herrera
(Texas, USA)

'I received my copy yesterday in NJ. Very nice job!'
Nash Bapola

'I have to thank you for your book: I ordered it while in Lebanon, and received it here in Paris. Been admiring every piece of it. Amazing work. Congratulations.'

'I just received my copy of the book. It looks great, makes me wish that I still had the car. I wish I had this book when I owned the car; it would have made restoring it a lot easier.'
Ron Avery
(Los Angeles, USA)

'Thank you for the very informative and entertaining book. The book will be a great help in learning and doing things by yourself.'
Timo Jaatinen

'As you may have gathered I'm hugely impressed by your Montreal book. Too often these publications are churned out by so called specialists but this is clearly a labour of love. The depth of research is outstanding.'
Mick Walsh
(Classic & Sports Car)

'Received my copy !! I can only cite good old Henry Ford: "Every time I open the book I raise my hat for you". Can't find better words to congratulate you on a fantastic book on "our" Monti. THANKS !'

'I received last week your book via ebay from UK, and I can only say: Thank you, this book is simply outstanding and a must for every Monti owner and even more for every person loving beautiful things! Looking forward to the new book as well.'
Christian Mitterdorfer

'Finally I got my book, ordered in December 2007 through amazon.com. I can only say: je tire mon chapeau! I wish my knowledge would be a quarter of the content of the book! Very well done, congratulations!'
Andy Rottmann

'I'm really enjoying studying your book.'
Mike Matzek

'Just received your book here in El Salvador. Beginning to read it. It is very nice and colorful illustrations. It will sure help me in finishing my car.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
Edgar Lindo Carfix
(El Salvador)

'I've had my copy of the book a few weeks now and I just wanted to drop you a line to say congratulations. I know just what goes into producing a book of this detail and quality and I think you've done a really amazing job.'
Chris Nelson
(UK author)

'I just got Bruce's book today. And to sum it up in a word, WOW!!!! I am very impressed and pleased with the quality throughout !! It will prove to be invaluable in the Monti restoration I am doing. Thank you Sir !! I was lucky, in that I ordered the book from Borders Books here in Maine, it arrived 4 days later! It cost $125, which I consider a
very good value.'
Glenn Gaudin

'I want to congratulate you on your fantastic book.'
Richard Pamboer

'I'm thinking of having the brakes modified in one of the ways Bruce described in his book - which is by the way, a great read.'
Ute Schreiber

'My books, ordered in December from Amazon US, and which I had been eagerly awaiting, arrived finally, mailed from the US. Halleluya ! Fantastic creation.'
Peter Schweiss

'My book arrived from Amazon US. I paid the customs fee over the pre-paid amount, but the book is even better than expected! Great work Bruce!'
Alberto Furegon

'The "Essential" book arrived last week and I must say that it is AWESOME!'
Federico De Franceschi

'Amazon Canada came through and sent me my book the other day. Superbly written and illustrated. Congratulations on a job well done!'
Dave Bramwell

'Ordered in December 2007 from Amazon Canada, my copy of your book finally arrived this past weekend. What a wonderful accomplishment this book is! Now it begins to live a life of its own, as books (and children) do, and you can sit back and enjoy the feeling!'
Jack Rugh

'My copy was just dropped off at my door. It is truly fantastic! Everyone seems thrilled...now, I know why.'
Larry Westover
(California, USA)

'Your book arrived minutes ago on the west coast of California. I cannot believe the quality of the photos, the diagrams, and the amount of detailed information.
I am sure that it will cost me many hours of sleep studying it in total. Congratulations!'
Mike Matzek
(California, USA)

'I'm after a Montreal, got the book as a priority (great read, just need to drive one now ..)'
Jeremy Stubbs

'... finally I have the book! This is the "bibbia" of the Montreal. In front of Bruce... I remove my hat! I think that the value of our Montis will climb after this book.
Many thanks to Bruce.'
Donato Errante

'Great book, Bruce. Well done....'
Aidan Boran

'It is amazing! Anyone who has none, boys go to a shop and buy one or many, you will love it !!!! :-)))'
Dirk + Hannelore Nehme

'Today at last I've received the message from amazon.co.uk that my Montreal Book has been dispatched. The fact that there soon will be a great book about the Monti made the decision for buying that car much easier.'
Volker Then

'Just got your book (finally!!). Although I have not had the chance to really dive into it yet, it is truly excellent. Congratulations!!'
Manos Protonotarios

'The book is really a definitive MUST for all Monti-enthusiasts!!! A really great piece of paper, state of the art, a really standard which sets an extreme high level! This is the greatest car-book in my collection!!!'
Oliver Heinisch

'I returned from the Philippines last night, stepped into the house and opened this package which I knew contained your book, and it blew my mind! Book? Nay, encyclopedia more likely. CSC book of the month? Nay, it's easily the most lovingly compiled book ever on a single Alfa model, I think, and deserves to be the Alfa book of the years! How I wished the same could be done for other models. Bravo!'
Tuck Cheong Wong

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