Wednesday, 8 October 2008


FOXY is a female friendly garage website, living up to the meaning of 'foxy' ie 'shrewd, canny and smart.'

A new and independent website called FOXY Choice helps motorists do their garage buying homework for MOT's and car servicing, then identifies the best and female friendly garages and dealerships in their area.
Motorists looking for the best and female friendly local garages can search to suit the work required then compare qualify features and facilities before making their final choice.

All businesses listed by FOXY Choice sign a new female friendly FOXY Promise© to never overcharge, patronise or sell motorists unnecessary services. Any business that gets this wrong runs the risk of being de-listed, especially where motoring safety has been compromised or justifiable complaints have not been treated fairly.

FOXY Founder Steph Savill explained that few motorists know how to identify their best local garages and, without that knowledge, were likely to pick one for convenience or because of a friendly receptionist.

“Choose one that has signed the female friendly FOXY Promise© instead and you now know they are offering superior standards of customer care, compared to those who can't commit to our promise.”

Steph also believes that female friendly garages are the best choice for men too.

“Any garage or dealership that is getting things right for women drivers has raised its game because we know what we want, are used to getting it and go elsewhere if we aren't happy.”

To show off their female friendly credentials, FOXY Choice invites businesses to add a female friendly photo and helpful foxy facts to their listing; whether they are close to shops, for example, and provide clean WCs, female magazines, drinks or entertainment for children. Listed facilities include cocktail bar-like amenities, babychanging facilities, Playstation games and WIFI access. Some have partnered with next door leisure centres offering creches so Mum can keep fit whilst her car (and children) are being cared for!