Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Electric racing car to enter Speed Hillclimb Championships in 2010 and revive BRM marque in its 60th anniversary year

On 16 October, Bee Automobiles Ltd announced that the Bee Four electric racing vehicle (ERV) designed by Martin Ogilvie, would participate in the British Speed Hill Climb Championship, with Graeme Wight Jr as the driver. Bee is now delighted to announce that the ERV will race as the BRM Bee Four ERV, reviving the BRM brand in its 60th year.
The BRM Bee Four ERV - code-named the 'Watt 4' - is an all-electric 4WD vehicle, capable of producing 700hp or 520kW. The ERV uses motor technology developed at Oxford University. Bee is a partner with Energy Efficient Motor Sport - EEMS.
The BRM Bee Four ERV will revive the famous BRM brand. BRM is a previous winner of the British Speed Hill Climb Championship, the F1 world Drivers' and Constructors' championships and a total of 17 F1 Grands Prix, with Graham Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart as two of the winning drivers.

2009 is the 60th anniversary of BRM, so it is very appropriate to revive the brand in an innovative new car. BRM was founded just after the Second World War by Raymond Mays, who had built several hillclimb and road racing cars under the ERA brand before the war, and Peter Berthon, a long-time associate.

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