Wednesday, 7 January 2009


bathroom sealer to waterproof an engine ... exhaust brakets from a wire coat hanger ... just a few of the many low-cost tips you can find in this new Veloce book.

New in stock! How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car – For Marathon, Endurance, Historic & Budget-car Adventure events
By Philip Young.

Simple, cost-effective, basic and reliable tips to ensure that any rally car stands a chance of reaching the finishing line. If you are planning a road-based rally, don't even think of leaving home before reading this book and implementing the tried and tested mods it describes so well.

This book concentrates on preparing a car for the many forms of road-based rallies, including Historic Rallying, from weekend club events to the Classic Marathon, with useful preparation for long distance events like the Peking to Paris, road-rallies for modern cars, and the “Budget Adventure” events like the Mongol Rally and Plymouth to Dakar. It concentrates on tips for reliability...items like waterproofing, ensuring the exhaust doesn’t fall off, the radiator doesn’t vibrate lose, engine mountings and the like are regular setbacks on all manner of events and this book gets back to basics, packed with workshop photographs. There is also an event guide, useful contacts, and chapters on personal preparation including staying healthy, coping with borders, and seeking sponsorship.

Philip Young is a former Fleet Street journalist who once helped to run the Daily Mail News Desk...he has written for The Observer, The Times, and The Guardian as well as the Daily Mail, edited two motoring magazines, and twice was awarded the Guild of Motoring Writer’s Motoring Journalist of the Year Award. Philip Young is also the author of the Veloce best-seller Peking to Paris 2007 – The ultimate driving adventure.

Generally credited with having kick-started the historic-rally movement with events like the Pirelli Classic Marathon, Monte Carlo Challenge and Peking to Paris, Philip Young has organised 65 major events and has seen how the same problems crop up time and time again that could have been prevented with some simple modifications in the garage before the start. He co-founded the Historic Rally Car Register in 1982, and more recently started up Endurance Rallying in Britain, events restricted to 1400cc cars with standard engines, such as the Lombard Rally.
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