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The Oliver Winterbottom Diaries – May

So many good books have come off the press here at Veloce of late, that it can be hard to keep track of all that goes on around a publication. Luckily for us, author Oliver Winterbottom has been keeping a diary account of what he's up to in helping to promote his autobiography A Life in Car Design. Here, we have compiled the end of April's and the entirety of May's diary entries for your reading pleasure. We'll share more of Oliver's diaries over the coming weeks...

26 April – British Motor Museum, Gaydon say they have been notified of delivery. 
Mike Kimberley emailed re delivery and arranged a purchase.

29 April – Tom Smith in Texas, USA receives his book air mail, ready for Lotus X100 exhibition and book promotion.

30 April – Donington Park Historic Festival.

Angus Marshall bought 40 books from Darlington to Donington which have been delivered on 28th. I signed most of them, many with messages for member. Sara had five and I had three copies at right royal price pf £24.00, thanks to club discount. It was good to meet everyone who came along to Donington.

"Yesterday was a great day with Ollie Winterbottom signing his book (thanks for organising this Angus) and chatting with us. What an interesting guy – I've started to read his book and it is fascinating. The illustrations include many of his original drawings. I'd rate this as (so far) the best auto industry autobiography I've seen and it's well worth buying a copy for all of the historic information along." ATB Richard (Comment on lotus

3 May – MJK calls to say very much enjoyed the book. Thought the last chapter a bit brief/ Amazed at the detail earlier in the story.

8 Copies arrive for me by courier art 3:59pm (for a 4pm latest delivery!).

4 May – Andy Parsloe, school friend gets in touch after many year – buying the book.

6-7 May – Lotus X100 displayed at Keel and Wheel in Texas with some book publicity.

6 May – "Hi Oliver, Good to hear from you. I have spoken with your publisher and we will be starting to take pre-orders for your Big Bad Wedge Fest book signing within the next couple of weeks. It will hopefully add to both your book sales and the success of the event. Exciting times! Best regards, Howard." (TVR Wedgefest)

7 May – "Good day Oliver – I'd like to arrange for my copy to be suitably inscribed with one of those elegant yet pithy epigrams for which you are so well known. Can I arrange for it to be shipped to you, then on to a family member in York for eventual retrieval? Best regards, Clive" (Roberts, ex Lotus and China). Replied positive.

9 May – Steve from Barnham Broom had not had notification after requesting it in March. 
"Hi Liz, Do you think there are other enquiries that have got 'lost'? There are other people that I would have expected to have got a copy of the book by now – but no one has been in contact to say so! If the system has failed us, I could circulate my contact list suggesting they apply for a book again. Rather not do that, but will if you say so. Best, Oliver"
"Hi Oliver, I've just heard back from our web hosts. Apparently there was a problem with the server connecting properly. They have now fixed the issue but you are right – no-one from the last few months will have had any in-stock notifications for any of our books – so thank you for bringing this to our attention! We are able to get a list manually – so today I will have a look at the list and contact everybody that was missed to make sure they are aware the book has com in. For your book there was about 12 requests so I will be contacting them shortly. Sorry about all this! Best wishes, Liz.

11 May – "Hi Oliver, Hope all is well – I've just received my review copy from Veloce – looks very good at a first glance and I'm looking forward to reading through it. A copy of our latest issue of Club Lotus News with my review is in the post to you by the way. Speak soon – do stay in touch, Kind regards, Alan" (Club Lotus)

12 May – "Hi Oliver, Amazon have just delivered your book – I'm looking forward to a good weekend's read! I've delivered the TVR book to Crowood, and hopefully it'll be out before Christmas. Regards, Matthew Vale" (Author forthcoming TVR book)

15 May – Steve Cropley, editor Autocar claims not to have received the book. Liz at Veloce says Royal Mail have delivered it. Leave them to it!
Agree to do BBC Radio Norfolk interview & discs Tuesday 23 May 6:00-7:00pm. 

16 May – Club Lotus France invite me to their club HQ at Dijon Prenois race circuit Saturday 10 June. I will sign books if they have any (suggest direct from Veloce). I will be visiting France for 1 well including Dijon historic races.

Seems that club have 'sold out' of the book 13 May. "Angus, Can you still get signed copies? I know I am very late on this. I would like to buy 2 please. Justin"
"Sorry, there's only one left and I'd need at least 20 ordered to get the discounted price again. (and another event that both Ollie & I will be at to get them signed)
Steve Cropley finds his book!

17 May – Met Faye McCloud at Gaydon Museum / Jaguar Heritage to present book, photos and drawings for the archive as copyright 'payment'.

18 May – Jaguar ex-apprentices annual lunch, Coventry Transport Museum. Gave their gift shop book details, suggested they contact Veloce.

19 May – Eastern Daily Press interview at home agreed for 11am Monday 22 May. 
Stephen McAllister, Farnham Broom Bel gets book, I sign it. 

22 May – EDP reporter and photographer visit at home. Reporter doesn't seem to have read the book! Says will send report end of the week.

23 May – BBC Radio Norfolk Matthew Gudgin went very well. Good interviewer. Bell Pub said it was a good show!

24 May – Mr. Nelson next door heard radio and will get book. Phil Hopf in USA says book now available. Sally Pepper says radio good. Classic & Sports Car magazine out with TVR at Eleven and book mention.

25 May – Breakfast at Alvedon and show magazine to some of the staff who know of the original photo shoot last year. (I had already written to thank Lord Iveagh).

27 May – Letter forwarded from Veloce replied to. From an ex-Jaguar apprentice in Lancashire who enjoyed the book.

28 May – Eastern Daily Press 'on line' newspaper have my book review on the 'News' section. (Copy available).

29 May – Eastern Daily Press paper edition has my book review. Unfortunately don't have a copy as they did not alert me! 

30 May – Eastern Evening News, I am 100% PAGE 3 (totally clad!). Have 3 copies.

31 May – Jerrold's (Norwich booksellers) dept manager says book in stock and starting to sell.

You can purchase your own copy of A Life in Car Design here, and make sure to keep checking the Veloce blog for the next instalment of Winterbottom's diary.

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